COVID restrictions are gradually being lifted in Ontario. With case counts going down and vaccination rates going up, we’re slowly back to being comfortable getting together.

Couples who had to cancel or postpone their wedding plans last year are now finding opportunities to push through with tying the knot. Nevertheless, we still have the responsibility of keeping each other safe and healthy, as the pandemic is still ongoing. That being said, there are doable ways to make your upcoming wedding fun and safe for you and your guests.

Your Ultimate COVID-19 Wedding Checklist 

As part of Ontario’s reopening framework, the Ontario Government and Toronto Public Health has made it a point for wedding celebrants to adhere to current public health orders. Coordinating closely with your wedding planner and vendors is a must, so you can make informed decisions and avoid health risks in preparing for and on the big day.

Toronto Public Health’s COVID-19 Checklist for Planning a Wedding requires you to:


Capacity Limits, subject to physical distancing

Wedding or religious service, rite or ceremony Social gathering associated with a wedding service, rite or ceremony (e.g., reception)
Place of worship* Indoors & Outdoors: Limited to the number of people that can maintain a physical distance of at least 2 metres from every other person in the room Indoors: 25 people or less + maintain a physical distance

Outdoors: 100 people or less + maintain a physical distance

If held in a meeting and event space, subject to applicable limits.

Meeting or event space** Indoors & Outdoors: Limited to the number of people that can maintain a physical distance of at least 2 metres from every other person in the room Indoors: 50% capacity, up to 1,000 people + maintain a physical distance

Outdoors: 75% capacity, up to 5,000 people + maintain a physical distance

Private dwelling Indoors: 25 people or less + maintain a physical distance

Outdoors:100 people or less + maintain a physical distance

Indoors: 25 people or less + maintain a physical distance

Outdoors: 100 people or less + maintain a physical distance

*Subject to requirements for places of worship.

**Subject to requirements for meeting and event spaces.

Source: COVID-19 GUIDANCE | Toronto Public Health

Ask your wedding organizer to stock up on sanitizer and extra masks

Plan safe seating at the reception 

Everyone involved must observe these measures and directives, as any breach may be considered an offence punishable by law.

Making Your Socially-Distanced Wedding More Fun

Necessity is the mother of invention, and when social distancing became a necessity in the time of COVID-19, to-be-married couples and wedding planners found creative ways to celebrate a wedding despite the many limitations. We’ve rounded up the most creative wedding ideas we’ve found over the course of the year:

Make sure to inform your neighbours and seek the approval of authorities before going for a porch wedding

Backyard weddings were already a thing pre-pandemic, but some couples have chosen to perk up their wedding celebrations and said their I dos on the front porch. This is great for those who don’t have much space in their backyards.

With a front porch wedding, not only do you have space in your immediate lawn, you can also let people gather on the street. Just make sure you’ve made prior agreements to block off the street and let your neighbours know about it.

Instead of guests visiting you, why not drive by their houses instead? 

Car-themed weddings made their rounds in their respective localities over the past year, and for good reason: car-owning guests can stay in their vehicle and still witness the celebration of their beloved bride and groom within the same reception. Whether it’s a drive-in, tailgate, or a car parade, those who made this quirky idea into a reality surely had a great time executing it! If you’re looking for a wedding theme that’s one for the books, this is it.

Make your wedding venue super Insta-worthy

If you still want to celebrate with a selection of your loved ones, a wedding that’s closer to nature will provide not just the much-needed space for proper physical distancing, but a picture-perfect scenery for photographs, too.

A local garden, a nearby lake, the forest at the back of your home, the mountains, the beach! Your have plenty of options; just make sure to contact the proper authorities before going any step further.

Grab the opportunity to meld your wildest wedding decoration ideas with the natural beauty of your chosen venue. Strategize your seating arrangements by spacing the chairs in a delightful yet distanced formation.

Be it your favourite pub, your first apartment building, or the corner where you shared your first kiss, the options for a venue for a wedding-for-two are endless. Celebrating a place that means a lot to you two could make your wedding more special.

Have your pandemic wedding favours made at your local business

Even before the pandemic, it was always a big plus to give away wedding favours that your guests could use out of the context of the celebration. To do this COVID-style, thank your guests by showing you care for them with health and safety essentials, such as:

We’re Back to Serve Your Weddings In Person!

It’s been a while since elle cuisine joined in the lively celebrations of love in Toronto. Now that the city is reopening, we’re excited to be part of your wedding once more!

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