How long has it been since you last took time off from the hustle and bustle of your daily life? It truly has been a stressful year because of the pandemic. While travel restrictions have been lifted in some areas, we still need to rethink our travel plans this summer. 

Having a staycation by literally staying at home is a good way to keep you, your loved ones, and the rest of the public safe from the risks of COVID-19. In addition to being much more relaxed than the usual summer vacation, it also encourages you to be more creative in coming up with ideas to make your staycation fun and memorable.

What Is a “Staycation”?

Taking a staycation is as easy as slipping into a pair of soft slides

A staycation is a mini vacation that involves just staying in a hotel room or a resort where you can lounge and relax overnight or over a long holiday weekend. The pandemic has given us the opportunity to redefine this by making our own homes among the best and safest staycation destinations. 

Regardless of where you’re spending your staycation, prioritize finding time to rest and have fun. After all, the whole point of a staycation is relaxation. What makes home staycations so attractive is that they’re much cheaper than travel vacations. 

Plus, you can always make the decision to go on a staycation whenever you like because you have the convenience of your clothes, your bed, and whatever else you need to rest and recreate right at the comfort of your own home.  

Planning the Best Staycation EVER!

Having your staycation at home is indeed more convenient. But like a regular vacation, you still need to plan it so you can maximize the benefits of this much-needed time away from your responsibilities. To do this, you need to

Set a limit beforehand to avoid overspending

  1. Set a budget
    Set aside disposable income that you can splurge on what you need and want during your time off. A budget, no matter how big or small, will save you from any stresses mid- or post-vacation. Include categories like:

    • Groceries and supplies
    • Ordering in from your local restaurant or stay-at-home catering
    • Entertainment
    • Gas

    Plan out all your activities so you know what you need to buy to make it all happen. Have a little extra cash or credit just in case there are surprise expenses.

  2. Create an itinerary based on your staycation bucket list
    Surely, you and your kids look forward to doing so many things within the duration of your staycation. Make a staycation bucket list so you know what activities interest them most.For example, you can have a “Best Things to Do in the Summer Holiday” list and include activities you can do with your family or friends during Canada Day, Civic Holiday, or Labour Day.With that bucket list, you can now plan out which activities to put in which staycation dates. An itinerary helps you stick to that plan since it guides you on which themes to follow on which dates.Be flexible with the schedule to keep the staycation stress-free, but have the itinerary ready so you won’t feel lost on what to do for that day.
  3. Clear your schedule
    If you want to spend quality time with your family, start by making time for it. Take a proper leave of absence from work. Don’t leave unfinished business so you don’t spend all your relaxation time thinking about that one minor task you could’ve done easily before taking a break.If you really need to work during your staycation, set a time and place for it so you can manage everyone’s expectations and they won’t disturb you for a few hours.

Make your space conducive for rest and relaxation


  1. Clean up before your staycation
    Avoid large-scale chores like decluttering your closets or spot cleaning your living room during your break. Do not defeat the purpose of your staycation by trying to stay busy.A clean house also makes for a better staying-in experience, as you can just lounge around on your couch or stuff your face between your pillows without smelling something funny or having dirt enter your nostrils.
  2. Step into the vacation mindset
    How you make the most out of your staycation largely depends on your attitude towards it. Set the tone for the staycation by participating in activities and enjoying your time with your loved ones to the fullest extent possible. Be patient when the clumsy mess up and laugh at silly jokes. Don’t forget to take pictures and videos.

Summer Staycation Ideas for Families With Kids

Sleep all day with the loves of your life

If you have kids, don’t let them miss out on the fun. Here are a few ideas to help you organize a vacation the entire family can enjoy:

Staycation Ideas for Tweens and Adults

Leave your troubles… and shoes at the doorstep

Celebrate important occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, or milestones at work by taking a quick summer staycation with beloved friends and colleagues. You can do it virtually; that is, everybody stays in their own homes, and you do activities together via video conferencing apps. You can watch movies, sing virtual karaoke, and have a game night. 

You might have been looking up some ideas for fun summer travel, but plans have been postponed. You can always do the travelling in your own bedroom or living room by taking a virtual visit to your favourite vacation spots. There are also zoos, aquariums, and museums that offer online livestream or video events you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home. It’s more affordable, more convenient, and you can “take” as many of your friends with you as you like!

The Art of Doing Nothing

Set back, relax, and pet that dog

Running out of ideas to do in the summer? Sometimes the best thing to do during a vacation at home is to do nothing. You may not be able to completely shut off your brain, especially if you’ve got kids. But you can temporarily throw your cautions to the wind and let them do as they please. 

More TV or more sleep—what can you do? Everyone has permission to have their own kind of fun when they’re stuck at home for their summer vacation

Take this opportunity to not be productive, and reap the precious benefits of doing absolutely nothing. It’s the most relaxing indoor vacation idea for you and your family, and best of all: IT’S FREE!

Have a Great Time Off With Us

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