Keeping the kitchen clean is important. Not only is it a great way to keep your ingredients and cooking utensils organized when you need them, but it also ensures you keep only the freshest ingredients while discarding the expired or stale ones. 

Healthy eating isn’t just a matter of ingredients, however, it also demands fresh and clean surroundings. Now more than ever, it’s vital you maintain adequate kitchen hygiene as a precaution to look after your health. 

Cleaning your kitchen is a great way to make it more hygienic

Spring cleaning is a golden opportunity to give your kitchen some TLC. While you’re giving the rest of the house a good deep clean this season, include the kitchen on your chore list. Here’s a list of tips to help you take your kitchen spring cleaning to the next level. 

  1. Gather Your Supplies
    Equip yourself with the right toolsBefore starting any cleaning, it’s always a good idea to get all the supplies you need first. Making a basic cleaning kit is a good place to start, but there are some must-have supplies that can make the task easier.For a start, consider investing in microfibre cleaning cloths rather than regular ones. Microfibre cloths are more effective at picking up dirt and grime, which can go a long way toward saving time and effort. You may also want to save any leftover toothbrushes so you can scrub stubborn specks of dirt in hard-to-reach areas. Make sure you have enough garbage bags when it’s time to take the trash away.
  2. Kitchen Sink

    The sink and garbage disposal are often prone to stains and foul odours. To handle the stains, wipe them down with water and vinegar and use a toothbrush to clean the drain and the rim around the garbage disposal. If you have a square sink, you can also use a toothbrush to get at any dirt collecting in the corners.For more stubborn stains, fill the sink with hot, soapy water and add 1 cup of bleach. Let the mixture stand for an hour, then empty the sink and scrub clean with a paste made from water and baking soda. Rinse well afterward to remove any residue.For foul odours, try running some lemon rind slivers through the garbage disposal and follow up with cold water. If the smell persists, give your plumber a call to look into it. Long-standing smells are a frequent indicator of a problem, so put these on your list of priorities as you tackle your spring cleaning.Deep clean the fridge to keep your food fresh and germ-free


  3. Refrigerator

    Deep cleaning the fridge is another vital tip for maintaining food safety, especially when you’re concerned with keeping your ingredients fresh. Take the time to remove all the interior shelves and clean them thoroughly with warm, soapy water to disinfect them. For any surface you can’t remove, wipe them down thoroughly with a food-safe disinfectant to ensure the fridge interior stays germ-free. While you’re at it, remove any food items that have hit their expiration date to eliminate any spoiled foods and to free up space for other items.

    It’s also crucial to pay attention to the fridge’s exterior as well. Other than wiping down the handle, you can also take the time to clean the fridge coils to keep it running more efficiently. The coils are usually located behind the fridge, or behind a panel hidden above or below the front doors. Use a nozzle attachment for the vacuum cleaner or a long brush to remove any built-up dirt that could interfere with the fridge’s heat-exchange system.As a food contact surface, countertops should be clean at all times
  4. Countertops

    Countertops are a food contact surface, so pay special attention to them to make sure they provide a hygienic environment for your meals. You can make a natural disinfectant by mixing 1 cup of water with 1 tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide. Pour the solution into a spray bottle to disinfect all surfaces. Wipe the surfaces down with a microfiber cloth to make sure you’re catching all the dust. Take extra care to get under the corners for more thorough cleaning.

    The countertops are also prone to staining, so you may also want to look into stain-removing cleaning solutions. You can make your own homemade cleaning solution by mixing baking soda, vinegar, and hydrogen peroxide. However, take care to do some research into what works for your countertop; some solutions are abrasive or acidic, and may cause some damage unless you’re careful.
  5. Cabinets
    Like the fridge, it’s a good idea to clean the cabinets inside and out. If your cabinets don’t reach all the way to the ceiling, the tops have likely accumulated plenty of dust. Remove any items stored on top and use a hand vacuum or duster to dry dust the area and remove any dust and particles. After that, spray with an all-purpose cleaner and wipe down to disinfect those surfaces. If your home is more prone to accumulating dust, you can set down some wax paper to catch any dirt that makes its way topside. From now on, keeping the cabinet tops clean and clear is as easy as replacing the wax paper when it gets too dusty.

    Take items out so you can sort them. This is a chance to discard any items that you can no longer use, like lids that don’t fit any of your pots. You can sell or donate any extra or unneeded kitchen utensils. Use an all-purpose cleaner or wipes to clean the interiors and doors. For more greasy cabinets, you can also use hot water and dish soap. To avoid any damage, use minimal scrubbing force and remember to dry those areas after you’ve finished.Before replacing any items, dust and wipe down all the items to keep the cabinet clean.

Keep your kitchen extra clean to help keep the food fresh and tasty

When it comes to kitchen cleaning, all the dirt and debris can add up over time. Between the crumbs and stains, tackling each item on your spring cleaning checklist can feel like a massive task. Take it one step at a time. To make it easier next time, deep clean regularly — not just after a home party. Once you do so, you’ll be well on the way to having a fresher, more hygienic kitchen and a more satisfying culinary experience. 

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