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Case Studies

elle-licious 2020

Event Type: Corporate Catering

HD Oysters with Server 2020
GUESTS Full Room 2020 scaled
CHEFS Sky 2020 2 scaled
MJT0566 scaled
HD Tuna Tartar 2020 2 scaled
HD Mini Chuck Slider 2020 2 scaled
HD Oysters 2020 2 scaled
HD Potato Nest 2020 2 scaled
HD Oysters with Server 2020 2 scaled
MJT0356 scaled
DECOR Balloon Arch and Room 2020 scaled
elle cuisine
DECOR Balloon Arch Bar Setup 2020 scaled
DECOR Ballon Arch Room 2020 2 scaled
DECOR Floral elle Napkins 2020 scaled
MJT0305 scaled
MJT0299 scaled
MJT0278 scaled
MJT0220 scaled
MJT0227 scaled
MJT0200 scaled
MJT0184 scaled
MJT0150 scaled
MJT0141 scaled
MJT0110 scaled
MJT0104 scaled
MJT0106 scaled
MJT0102 scaled
MJT0098 scaled
MJT0031 scaled

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