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Toronto’s Top Pick for Luxury Catering & Events

Thanks to our vast experience and extensive client list, elle cuisine is recognized as one of the top catering companies in Toronto for private, corporate, and wedding catering.  With the commitment of our expert chefs, event planners, and operations team, we have built a solid reputation as one of the best catering companies in the city.

IMPORTANT NOTE: COVID-19 has deeply changed the way in which we all celebrate and socialize.  In response to COVID-related restrictions, we created The elle cuisine Market – a delivery service & collection of food products that help curate memorable food experiences safely.  From contactless delivery to micro events, virtual cooking classes to corporate employee box drops, we are here for you during these challenging times. Read more about it here.

About elle cuisine

Changing the game in catering in Toronto, Canada since 2010, elle cuisine is a full-service catering and event planning company that offers interactive and personalized culinary experiences. From intimate private cooking classes and high-end catering menus to large-scale corporate affairs and weddings, elle cuisine’s mission is to serve the finest food and create engaging atmospheres in which moments are shared and relationships flourish.

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Grounded in a commitment to quality food, excellent service and innovative event design, the elle cuisine team believes that the success of an event depends on many details working together simultaneously.  From custom menu development to venue placement, decor recommendations to mixology and sommelier services, our company offers a unique catering experience in the Toronto Area.

The elle cuisine team works closely with our clients to ensure their vision becomes fully realized.  As one of Toronto’s best event planning & catering companies, elle cuisine’s team expertly curates elegant, memorable, and flawlessly executed events.

elle cuisine Delivery Corporate Catering Private Catering Wedding Catering

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