Wedding planning is frustrating even at the best of times. During a pandemic, the work seems to multiply a hundredfold. You have to consider everyone’s health and safety and follow protocols set by the government. This is why micro-weddings have increasingly become a preferable alternative for couples who can’t wait to tie the knot. 

A micro-wedding is an intimate affair, typically with no more than 50 guests. Usual wedding traditions are still honoured in a micro-wedding ceremony, albeit on a much smaller scale. Understandably, you can choose to have a budget that’s (relatively) micro, too — and still have a spectacular celebration.

How do you get the most out of your micro-wedding budget? Here’s a guide on what to save and splurge on so you and your wedding organizer can craft an amazing experience for you and your guests.

How Much Does a Micro-Wedding Cost?

Budget discussions—like love—should be a two-way street

Your micro wedding budget solely depends on you. It can be budget-friendly, ranging from $1,000 to $1,500. But you can spend more if you want to. Since the budget is flexible for micro-weddings, you can either maximize your budget per guest or focus on an intimate, less-expensive celebration while still treating your guests to an unforgettable day.

While that budget seems small, you can work it to your advantage and still throw a grand celebration compared to traditional ones at, say, $30,000. 

Where to Save

Thank your guests with a personalized care package 

A key to maximizing your micro-wedding budget is knowing where to save. The strategy is to have a rundown of your wedding must-haves versus what you can do with less or without. This way, you can allocate more for those you consider more important.

What to Splurge On

A wedding gown, good pictures of the wedding, or your menu. This is all about what you truly want for your wedding. Whatever you think should be highlighted in the ceremony is what you can choose to spend the most money on  Here are ideas on what to splurge on to make your wedding special for you and your guests:

Get a caterer that guarantees a great gastronomic experience

Dapper, dashing, and can dance til the break of dawn 

Find a catering crew that takes good care of your wedding

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