While a funeral service is the preferred means of sending off a departed loved one, there are other roads you can take to pay tribute to them. One such means is through a celebration of life.

A celebration of life memorial service offers family and friends the chance to honour and commemorate the life of a loved one in a unique and unprecedented way. In contrast to a more sombre event during and after a funeral, a celebration of life can be a more upbeat and joyful affair.

What to Expect from a Celebration of Life

As the name implies, you attend a celebration of life to celebrate the life that was lived rather than mourn a loss. Depending on what the hosts have planned, it can feel more like a party. This type of memorial service follows no strict rules and can be more accepting of certain behaviours that may be deemed inappropriate at a traditional funeral.

Expect a more casual get-together where you reminisce about the positive aspects of the life of your loved one.

What You Can Do at a Celebration of Life

There are various things a celebration of life does differently from a funeral. For one, it can be held at any given time after a funeral, whether a few days or even a few years after.

No matter when you choose to hold it, there are a few things you need to get done to hold a meaningful and memorable celebration of life, from food to activities. Here are a few ideas:

Tell stories, sing songs, share memories
Photos are life’s precious moments frozen in time
Brighten the place up with your loved one’s favourite
Set your words in stone
Enjoy your loved one’s favourite meals

Celebrating the life of the departed offers you, family, and friends to process your feelings, make it easier to say goodbye, and eventually open the doorway towards healing. Breaking bread with others and sharing your memories can also help you all get some closure. Give it a shot when you’re looking for a more positive way to approach a loved one’s passing.

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